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Batu Caves done right.

Batu Caves done right.

Ah, the popular picturesque cave temple of Malaysia. You would not miss this landmark when you arrive in Kuala Lumpur. Plastered posters and flyers filled with the images of the golden standing statue marks this tourist landmark’s prominence and importance. Now, I am going to teach you for FREE on how to skip hundreds of tours and jump into the idea of going solo.


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Batu Caves. That is all to it and it needs no explanation. I bet there are countless articles telling you the Top 10 spots on where to go and what to do when you are spending time here in Kuala Lumpur. This is not that type of a Top 10 cites to visit. It is something more to that. You see, there are hidden gems or perhaps side track areas where it is not well known besides the gigantic Muruga statue on the temples mouth. Batu caves is one of the must see places in Kuala Lumpur. There are only a handful of places in the world where religious temples are situated in caves. Moreover, it is not far from the city center itself.


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Climbing up the temple in the South East Asian heat could be grueling. Wear lose fitting pants for as well as bring your sunscreen, and a bottle of water. It is advisable not to eat while you walk, unless you want to be really friendly with the temple monkeys. (…nope they aren’t friendly). They are food stealing, butt grabbing little monsters so please keep away from their faked cuteness.


Getting there is easy. You would need to just jump on the KTM railway and head straight to Batu Caves station. The KTM railway is the oldest railway in Malaysia. Taking the KTM is a treat to experience the surroundings of Kuala Lumpur carving through the city lurking behind the paths less seen and taken.

With more great news, the fare for the rail to Batu Caves are reasonable. Instead of paying RM 30- Rm 40 for private tour transport to get you there, you can skip all the shenanigans and buy a ticket which costs RM 2-3 per way. (deepening on where you are of course) . The train frequency to Batu Caves is every 15-30 mins. It takes approximately 25 mins from Kuala Lumpur KTM station to Batu Caves. The Batu caves station stops right beside the temple and it is a short walk to the site.


Skip the train and take an Uber instead. Cut the walking and waiting to get there. Lets fastrack the excitement! Click on the image link and get right to it!


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Off the beaten track @ Batu Caves.

Dark Cave Tours at Batu Caves.


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Want to experience a 400 million year old cave in depth? Now,you can take a tour underneath Batu Caves. Batu Caves is much more than a religious site. It is also a conservation site as well as one of the cities water source. It’s limestone cave is home to a dense variety of flora and fauna. You can experience crawling , sliding  and sleeping in total darkness. ( For the adventure tour) Or you would want to experience something more educational. ( For Educational tour)

Educational Tour 

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Availability: Daily, year round

Operating hours: Monday to Friday; 10.00am – 5.00pm, Weekends & Public holidays; 10.30am – 5.30pm

Ticket rates (per pax): *Adult – RM 35, *Child – RM 25 *tickets can be purchased at the entrance of the cave, price is not include of 6% GST

Duration of tour: 45 minutes

Group size: 15 pax (maximum)

Equipment: torchlight and helmet provided


Adventure Tour


Availability: ONLY ON WEEKENDS, minimum 1 week  advance booking, subject to availability i.e. no prior booking confirmed by other groups for the desired date

Ticket rates (per pax): Adult – RM 80**, price is not include of 6% GST

Duration of tour: minimum 3 to 4 hours

Group size: minimum 10 pax per group booking ( Please call if you want to join other groups for bookings below than 10 pax)

Age requirement: Age 12 and above only (on the day of the tour)

Equipment: Only safety helmet is provided .

  1. Please bring good gripping shoes – Sandals or CROCS are NOT ALLOWED
  2. Good torch with new batteries ( spare batteries if necessary)
  3. Water and light snacks or energy bar

Things to know

You WILL get wet for this tour. Public bathrooms are provided. Please bring a set of spare clothes for the adventure tour.

Reservations: Please email us at [email protected]


Operation Hours

Mondays – Fridays
10.00am to 5pm
Saturdays, Sundays & Public holidays
10.30am to 5.30pm

For more information contact us at:
Tel: +603 6186 7011
Tel: +6012 371 5001
Fax: +603 6177 5111
E-mail Customer Service:
[email protected]

Link : http://www.darkcavemalaysia.com/next/




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