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Backpacking Review : Travel Hub Guesthouse

Backpacking Review : Travel Hub Guesthouse

The backpacking review series speaks the truth of hostels and budget guesthouses available in Kuala Lumpur. Covering interesting accommodation choices and less know places, welcome to the unconventional guide of the Adventure Malaysian. The review will cover the important segments of what makes a hostel great to fellow backpackers.




Travel Hub Guesthouse is under the Travel Hub KL group. Being the budgeted version of its younger sister, Travel Hub Highstreet. This is not a bad place to stay if you want to experience the culture and atmosphere of old Kuala Lumpur. The place has a combination of the young and hip with the mix of Malaysia thrown into it. The decal walls of flowers and art complements the fresh pastel colors on the walls give it’s a great vibe for fellow travelers.





Located in Chinatown, it is one of the better locations compared to other hostels. Not on the main streets of the Chinatown market, it on a quieter less touristy street around the corner. With a great selection of food choices below the hostel, snacking and getting late night grub a few steps away is a plus to this place. As for public transport, it is a great choice as it is near to four rail lines into the city. Getting around the city and back to the hostel is effortless. Just be sure to get back by midnight, as that is when the rails close. If rails are not for you, one of the central bus hubs of Kuala Lumpur is on your doorstep as well. If you like to get around the city and live close by the Chinatown market, this is the choice for you.


Special attractions


What makes Travel Hub Guesthouse special is more than just the hostel itself. The well decorated place has artwork on its walls. Painted by volunteers from Argentina, Japan and America, it really gives off an artsy vibe to this place. Walking up to the rooftop is a treat. Passing by the Chinatown styled corridor of Travel Hub Highstreet, it gives off a sense of modernized hip hostel while maintain its Chinese design. Upstairs is one of the best hidden bars in Kuala Lumpur is just right above you. The bar has a wide selection of cocktails and beer at a reasonable price. Beers for RM 10? Bring them on! The Attic Bar has a beautiful skyline overlooking the city. A great place for you to chill and relax with a drink in hand to end your day.





The bunk beds are new and they are comfy. The bed I am staying is a newly renovated floor of the hostel. The lockers are located below the bunk beds which is a plus. The lockers are big enough to fit you whole backpacks. The locker uses a padlock so have one ready at hand or not, purchase one at the reception for a small fee and take it with you. The ac is great and cold and the sheets are clean and comfortable. If you would want to stay in bed and surf the net, with wifi bars area all full in my room so no complaints there. The only thing is the bathroom is abit small. On the contrary, there are enough bathrooms in the property so waiting time is not long.

The X factor


The atmosphere of the place is great. People are friendly and they great one another in the morning. The place gives you a cosy feel away from home. You can always find someone to chat with here and the environment is perfect for people to mingle around. The staff are always in the mood to help and give advice on where to go and what to see around here.

Dollar dollar bill

Lets talk about price. Compared to other hostels in Chinatown, this is the most value pick. With the ample common space, the atmosphere and also the great location, the money is well spent for a night here.

Final say

The hostel provides the necessities to be comfortable. There is no cooking space or a tv or a pool table as a matter a fact but the atmosphere of this place is just magical. The location is on spot and the people here are great and generous. I would definitely come back to this place again. Click on the link below and book your rooms now at Travel Hub Guesthouse! 


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