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5 Must Visit Museums in KL

5 Must Visit Museums in KL

One of the main attractions that you would visit when you are new to a city is to check out its museums. Getting to know the history and the identity of the city you’re in makes you understand how Malaysia became what it is today. There are numerous museums to explore however,if you are short of time these are the 5 must visit ones.

1. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

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Dedicated to the fine arts influenced by Islamic design, this museum is the pioneer of Islamic arts in South East Asia. The 30,000 sq of open space houses displays of books, sculptures, jewelry and many more. Blending the different cultures and the Islamic elements, this makes the museum unique to our Malaysian identity. Other than being a platform of spreading culture and awareness, the structure of the museum is beautiful to experience as well.
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2. National Museum

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Being one of the oldest museums around in the city, the national museum is an icon on its own. Built in 1962, the museum’s collection has been the home to our most valuable national treasures. The museum has gone through refurbishment works in 2008 and it has been transforming ever since. Now, the museum is fully accessable via the newly built MRT line which links it to Chinatown and Bukit Bintang.

3. Telekom Museum

This museum is a little interesting. It displays the modes and the development of how we Malaysians communicate over the years. The structure of this building is an eye catcher of the old style Greek columns and the modernized interior. This museum is not for everyone but it can be for the curious. This place is a short walk away from Dataran Merdeka.

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4. The Royal Museum

The Royal Museum of Malaysia used to be a working and functioning palace for the Sultan of Malaysia. This old palace was then repurposed to become a museum and it has opened its doors to the public since 2003. Inside the museum, it still remains the same as how it was when the palace was functioning. You can get a glimpse of how Malaysian royalty lives.
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5. Royal Malaysia Police Museum

This museum is an homage to the working police man and woman of Malaysia. The rich history of the police force of the country shows the timeline and milestones of our protectors of the city. There are various collections of police memorabilia, vehicles and weapons for display.
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