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Top Parks in Kuala Lumpur

Top Parks in Kuala Lumpur

Sunshine, greenery and fresh air. The plain fields for children to run and adults to enjoy has always been a needed green spot in every urban jungle. The importance of connecting to nature dates us back to our primal necessity. No matter how develop world is evolving, we should conserve and incorporate nature into our lives. Get away from the concrete jungle and find some patch of green, here are the top 5 places to go. 

1. Tasik Titiwangsa

Tasik Titiwangsa has been the center of attraction for locals to get away form the city to unwind. The park consists of a few lakes and there are various activities available to the public. Due to the River of life program, the public park is now closed until the end of December.
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2. KLCC Park

Next on the list, we have the famed KLCC park. Located below the beautiful twins of Malaysia, this flora rich speck of green is a popular choice for tourist. What makes this park special is the waddling pool for kids and the large scale playground below. This is the perfect spot to bring your family here for a short relaxing trip.

3. KL Forest Eco Park

If you are short of time to visit Taman Negara, the KL Forest Eco Park is a great alternative to experience a Malaysian tropical rainforest. Located under the KL tower, this forest reserve offers great hiking routes in the center of the city. The forest reserve contains various plant species and also a suspension bridge above the forest canopy. Along with many other attractions near the KL tower, this park is one of the main attractions. 

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