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The 5 best uniquely Malaysian foods.

The 5 best uniquely Malaysian foods.

The mecca of food. The land of flavor. The complexity and immense variety of cuisines. Malaysia is indeed those statements above. The gift of being a Malaysian is not only 12 hours of sunshine and cheap petrol. It is the values and the warmness of the people of different races. What defines Malaysian food? What makes it so unique and special where millions of tourist flock to this tiny peninsular to get their taste buds tingled? There is no confined conformity of flavors and over time, we have our own concoction of brilliance in food.

1. Hokkien Noodles.

The thick black savory friend egg noodles are a big favorite among Malaysians. The small cubes of pork lard are the main star of being this dish to a whole new level. This dish is invented in Malaysia by a Chinese migrant in the 1920’s. The take on this dish is different that what you find in Penang and Singapore. The rich flavored noodles is best fried on a wok with charcoal. If you are a foodie, this is a must try in Malaysia.


2. Nasi Lemak

The national dish of Malaysia is arguably the legendary Nasi Lemak. Dubbed “fatty rice” in English, this delicious plate of coconut rice, anchovies, egg and spicy sambal is all you need for the perfect representation of Malaysia. The dish’s Malay heritage is unique to the region of South East Asia and it has been a staple breakfast for all Malaysians. There are many versions of this dish inspired by the Nyonya’s in Melaka and Penang. Nyonya’s version of Nasi Lemak is in the add-ons of pork rendang and blue dyed rice.

3. Chicken Rice

Chicken rice is a Malaysian Chinese dish. The succulent roasted chicken with chicken broth cooked rice is something we all eat on a daily basis. This dish appeals to all races across cultures for its simplicity. The Chinese from Hainan who immigrated here brought along influences from their homeland to this country. After years of exposure to other cultures, the dish has been well liked by the Malay native community. Adopting the style and the representation of the dish from the Chinese, they have included a spicier sambal sauce and a heavily roast flavor in the Malay version of chicken rice.

4. Maggi Goreng

The food dedicated to the tipsy nights and long days. The humble Maggi Goreng is a dish truly Malaysian. Instant noodles are usually cooked by boiling it in soup and in goes the noodles. With Maggi Goreng, the instant noodles are taken out of the packet and stir fried with various variety of veggies. The savory charred wok flavor elevates the goodness of the humble pack of instant noodles. You can find this dish in mamak stalls all over the country. (Indian Malay restaurants which opens 24 hours)

5. Satay

In many places of the world, you will come across food served on a stick. The marinated beef and chicken marinated with turmeric and sweet soy sauce, it is then burned under a grill to cook and served. The dish is served with palm fronds packets of rice with a side of spicy sweet satay sauce.

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