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10 Good Eats below $2 Dollars in Kuala Lumpur

10 Good Eats below $2 Dollars in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and prices can slightly higher compared to other ares of the country. However, this might not be true as some eateries and snacks in the city still hold onto its prices despite of inflation and the rise of oil prices. On this posts, we are going to show your how to get your tummies filled to the brim with just two American Dollars. Save your dolla dolla bills and stretch your trips longer. 



1. Paper Tosai ( Paper Toh- Say) – RM 4


Tosai or Dosa is a great breakfast dish to start your day. Originated from its Indian influences, Tosai is a light vegan pancake made from a fermented batter of rice and black gram flour. The dish comes with 3 condiments, lentils, curry and coconut chutney. You can find this in many of the nationwide mamak stalls. (Mamak – Indian Muslim restaurants). This variation of the tosai is much thinner and crispier. You can taste the delicate buttery flavour which is hard to find with the regular tosai. 

2. Prawn Noodles (Har- meen) – RM 6


This power packed punch broth in this noodle dish will get you craving for more. The simple noodle dish with a strong prawn broth, water spinach, slices of pork, an egg and prawns creates a mouth watering concoction. The flavors on this dish is complex, fishy and hearty. Malaysia is filled with complex flavored dishes and unique food combinations, this is one of the examples of it.

3. Fried Kuey Teow (Ch-aw Kuey Te-aow) – RM 6


Fried rice noodles is the crazy of many Malaysians. The main flavor of the dish comes from the essence of the wok chi. The flavor of a seasoned hot wok is hard to describe. The charred, smoky ummami flavor combines the ingredients of the fried noodles into something out of this world.

4. Kampung Fried Rice ( Na-si  Goh-ring  Kham-pong) – RM 6


You probably had many different types of fried rice all over South East Asia. What makes this different you say? This special fried rice is a staple must eat among the Malay community. The salty savory fried rice blends well with the spicy chilies and water spinach. To top it off, a sprinkle of fried anchovies seals the deal for a firey spicy savory plate of fried rice.

5. Ramly Burger (Beh-ger Ram-ly)- RM 4.50

If you are looking for the ultimate Malaysian hangover food or into burgers? This is the epitome of burgers in Malaysia. Ditch the fast food shops and head to your local roadside stall to catch this glorious treat. Stacked with a slice of beef patty, cabbage, cucumbers and tomato with a plethora of sauces, this burger is one to satisfy your gluttonous endeavors. If you would like something a little extra, you can order the special which comes with a folded omelette over the burger patty.

6. Pisang Goreng ( Pi-sang Goh-ring) – RM 1 for 3 pcs


Who doesn’t like fried banana fritters? These golden brown goodness often share the spotlight with Vanilla ice cream or chocolate sauces. In Malaysia, these banana fritters are sold for as low as 3 for a ringgit. The sweet gooey inside of the cooked banana and the outer crunch shell is a perfect snack in the middle of the day.

7. Rojak (Roh- jak) – RM 5


What is Rojak? Rojak means mixture. The dish is a jumbled up mixture of fried Indian pastries, fried tofu, fritters, crackers and shredded cucumber topped with a sweet and tangy sauce. The dynamic of this dish is all over the place which gives it a great mixture of textures and tastes.

8. Won Ton Noodles ( Wan Tan Meen) RM 5.50


Similar to the noodles found in all of the Chinese shops around the world. The common soup dumplings or won tons are the face of Chinese food in the culinary world. In Malaysia, we always put a twist and some flare into traditional dishes. The won ton noodles here are often served without its familiar soupy form. The noodles doused with a mixture of sauces and topped off with cuts of barbecue sliced pork is how we do it here. The won tons are served in a small bowl of soup at the side.

9. Roti Canai (Roh-ti Cah-nai) – RM 3


This flaky flatbread is a versatile, easy to get and cheap to eat. The flatbread is stretched and folded multiple times and cooked on a flat pan is one of the best breakfast foods available in Malaysia. You can have it plain, with eggs and onions, bananas or sugar and milk, this flexible flat bread can suit your taste buds of your preference.

10. Apam Balik (Ah-pam Bah-lick) – Rm 1.50


Apam Balik is a sweet pancake with peanuts and sugar. A favorite among young children and sweet toothed adults, these peanut pancakes comes in many forms. Some of them come with creamed corn, coconut and in different sizes and thickness. Apam Balik is the perfect dessert when you are pinching pennies and sticking to a budget.
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