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Authentic Malaysian Fishing Village for Cheap.

Authentic Malaysian Fishing Village for Cheap.

Ever wonder how to escape the busy city of Kuala Lumpur? When you are bored with the city and the sounds of the urban atmosphere it seems like there is no place to call a save haven. While travelling to city after city, seeing and experiencing similar sights and sounds can be bland. In order for us to get the juices flowing, we need a change of scenery. The need for something different will eventually take us to some place whom are off the touristy hype to something a little more simpler.

The Island

Crab Island or Pulau Ketam as the locals call it is a fishing village on the outskirts of the state of Selangor. The settlers of this island are mostly fishermen and small business owners. The slow paced life here is a definite contrast to the chaotic urbanized colony of Kuala Lumpur. This cozy and friendly fishing village is what Malaysia looks like in smaller towns. With the majority of the population are Chinese fishermen settlers, do expect a myriad of seafood dishes and ice cold beer in their restaurants. Aside from stuffing your face, you can rent a bicycle or go on a floating fish farm to get a better understanding of the island. Located just an hour train ride away from the city center, this is a perfect go to place to reset your mind and live the slower life. Often tours from Kuala Lumpur to this island costs RM 200 per person for a day tour but I am going to let you in a little secret and do it for less than RM 50.



 The fishing village has a variety of affordable fresh seafood and some local snacks. It is advisable to rent a bicycle to get around to the otter most parts of the fishing village. You are free to roam around but do note that people’s houses are private properties. The people are friendly and it is a tight knitted community where everyone is like family. There are no motorized vehicles there only electric bicycles. You might want to bring a hat or some sunscreen ans some extra cash if you would want to splurge on food here. Be strong willed, because it is definitely tempting to binge. Some suggestions that you might want to try are crabs, clams, prawns and also the coveted oyster omelette. There is another bonus if you are a curious dessert fan, the fried ice cream.
Steam Crabs
Famous Clam Omelette
Stir fried spicy clams
Garlic Bamboo Clams
Dessert – Fried Vanilla Ice Cream

Directions To Crab Island

Head to the nearest the KTM station. Board the train and head towards Pelabuhan Klang. The ride might take awhile, feel free to take in the scenery along the way as you head further away from the city. Pelabuhan Klang is the last stop. Disembark and exit the station. The jetty is just right ahead. Cross the road and walk towards it.Once you reach the jetty, head straight to the port and purchase tickets to board the ferry. 
Ticket Price of the Ferry


Crab Island Jetty Trip

Bicycle Rental Info

If you are keen to get a bike and explore the island, their standard rate of RM 5 per day is very affordable. You can ride past people houses, discover bridges and temples all around the island. The map of the island is down below.

Bicycle Rental Rate
Image result for pulau ketam
Crab Island Map


Budget breakdown

Two way train tickets : RM 9

Two way ferry tickets : RM 14

Seafood Lunch and fried ice cream : RM 17

Bike Rental : RM 5

Total Cost : Rm 45  vs RM 250 One day trip tour per adult

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