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5 Budget friendly shows in KL

5 Budget friendly shows in KL

To the unsung heroes and the rising of stars, every place in the world celebrates art. Artists and famous actors got their lucky break after tons of performing experience on live audience. We Malaysians are no different where we have famous A list talent dispersed all over the world. Often, paying for shows and purchasing tickets are rather costly. Here are the top 5 budget friendly shows in Kuala Lumpur where amazing shows without the budget sacrifices.

1. The Bee @ Publika, Kuala Lumpur

The Bee is a popular hangout spot in Publika, Kuala Lumpur. This spot features multiple acts such as indie performances and poerty reading and the list goes on. The plethora of acts makes the Bee an iconic spot to share local talents. The entrance fees dont go above RM 30 and the drinks are reasonable too. By keeping the prices low and the events packed on its calendar, this is a place to catch quality acts without breaking the bank.

2. Twenty20Two

This small intimate event location is hidden between the folds of Petaling Jaya. About 25 minutes away from the city, this popular event space houses performance arts of various sorts. Specializing in most theater and live art shows, most local theater geeks flock to this space to showcase their work. Depending on the event itself, cover charges can be as low as RM 15 to Rm 45 at the door for a guaranteed fun night out.


3. The Gaslight KL 

This swanky retro spot is a place where you can find swing jazz performances, mini orchestra sessions and stripped down vocals. Do expect a chilled out vibe with reasonable cafe lattes, beers and small snacks to choose from to enjoy your time here. The gaslight features quality vocal performances with a low cover charge of an average of RM 20 at the door with a free drink.


4. One Mic Stand

On a lighter note, this hilarious amateur stand up comedy event is perfect to get your funny bone tickled. This event organizers thrives to provide a platform for up and coming comedic acts to sharpen their skill. Often times, professional international comedians will make an appearance on some nights. One mic stand is a good way to lighten up your night with only RM 15 cover charge at the door for a good laugh.


5. Merdekarya

For the music lovers from punk, rock and guitar acoustics, Merdekarya is the place for you. Not sicking to one genre of music showcases, this provides a stage for aspiring individuals who take music seriously. The hidden retro garage style setting reflects the creative vibe of this place. There are no cover charges here in Merdekarya but there are donation jars on each table.


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