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Refreshing hike up Kanching falls.

Refreshing hike up Kanching falls.

If this is your first time in a tropical country, hiking up a waterfall is one of the must do’s on your adrenaline list. The 208m cascading falls 20 mins away from Kuala Lumpur is a great place to cool down in the Malaysian heat. Hiking up the waterfall is not an easy feat as slippery slopes, dense vegetation and steep inclines awaits to be challenged



The Waterfall

Kanching Forest Reserve lies to the north of Kuala Lumpur, in Rawang, and is a short drive from Templer’s Park. It is a popular spot for swimming, picnics, camping and jungle hiking. The waterfall is a popular destination for families during the weekends. The short 20km ride from the city center makes this a great escape for the urban city dwellers. The multi-tiered waterfall’s path paved with cement steps for the first few levels and jungle paths up to the very top. A small entrance fee to the falls contributes to the cause of conservation and preservation of the site. Kanching falls depends on communal effort to keep clean and maintain its facilities.




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Waterfall Map
There are 7 levels of waterfalls here. The first 4 waterfalls are accessible marked by a clear concrete path whereas the rest of the tiers are lead through a dirt road. As you head upwards, the crowd lessens and the pools of waterfalls seems to regain its serenity and privacy of its own. If you are looking for some quiet or some privacy, head upwards to the last 3 tiers of the waterfalls.
Beware of the Monkeys! One if the biggest highlight here to always be aware of the monkeys. There are huge populations of monkeys here at this forest reserve. They seem approachable but please dont be friendly with them. Keep your belongings close to yourself especially when there is food around.


Directions To Kanching Falls

Take the bus no.150 from Central Market. The bus stop is behind the market. You can ask local people around there where to get it as well as ask a bus driver to stop nearby the waterfall, too. It is RM 2 per way. Tell the bus driver you would want to stop at Kanching falls. The stop should be by the motorway.

Entry fees
Adults (with MyKad): RM2
Adults (without MyKad): RM5
Toilet/Bathroom: 50sen
Parking: Car (RM4)
Opening Hours: 7am to 7pm daily
[email protected]

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