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$15 (RM 60) KL tour challenge

$15 (RM 60) KL tour challenge

Kuala Lumpur is a city full of surprises. We got soaring towers, dodgy back alleys with amazing hidden bars and a myriad of unique cultures. There is always so much to do and things to see. However, spending on interesting tours will cause a dent on your budget. Here is the ultimate guide to Kuala Lumpur with just $15.

Starting Point – Pasar Seni Station


9:30 am – Batu Caves 

Start off your day at Pasar Seni Station and head your way to the KTM Kuala Lumpur Station. Take the ride to Batu caves and start off your day exploring the cave temple without the scorching hot sun. Batu Caves is the famous cave temple with the monumental golden statue at its entrance. 
Fee: RM 5.20 for a two way ticket ( Remaining : RM 54.80)

11:30am : Islamic Arts Museum

This is going to be the biggest chunk out of your pocket. Why? Because it is totally worth it. The Islamic Arts Museum is one of the highest rated museums to visit in Kuala Lumpur. It features the Islamic history and influences in many other foreign and local cultures.
Fee: RM 14 (Remaining : RM40.80)

12:20 pm : Lunch in Chinatown

Head to Chinatown and head to exit C and find Vinny Jeyaa Banana Leaf Curry House and get your hands on some indian rice and a Teh Tarik.
Fee : RM 1.10 fare + RM 10 lunch (Remaining : RM29.70)


1:00pm : Kasturi Walk & Central Market


Central Market is one of the oldest markets in Kuala Lumpur. Built in the year 1888, this market is now converted to a street bazaar. Filled with local goodies and arts and crafts, this is a place to wander around to get some souvenirs.
Fee: FREE ( Remaining : RM 29.70)


1:30 pm : KL City Gallery

KL City Gallery is a great stop to find shelter on a hot city day. The gallery is dedicated to the origins and the build- up of the city. The exhibitions shows the past, present and the future transformation of Kuala Lumpur. This is the ultimate place to learn more about the city.
Fee: RM 5 ( Remaining: RM 24.70)


2:30pm : Dataran Merderka


Dataran Merdeka or known as Independence Square is right in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The square plays a very important part of the country’s history. This is where it was announced that Malaysia is an independent country. Celebration parades are held here every year on the 31st of August.
Fee: FREE ( Remaining : RM 24.70)

3:30 pm : Textile Museum

The Textile Museum is a unique museum showcasing the textile creations of Malaysia. The displays of various traditional clothing, textile production methods and many more sets an interesting tone to the museum.
Fee: FREE ( Remaining : RM 24.70)

4:15 pm : Masjid Jamek Mosque

Masjid Jamek Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city. With design influences from Mooric and Muhgal architecture, this mosque is different from the rest around the country. The Masjid Mosque is 5 mins walk from Merdeka Square.
Fee: FREE ( Remaining : RM 24.70)

5:00 pm : Kampung Baru

After the mosque visit, you can hop on the LRT and head to Kampung Baru. The ultimate trip around Kuala Lumpur wouldn’t be complete without this stop here. Kampung Baru is a Malay village close to the city. Along with the nostalgic old style village feels, delicious Malay snack can be found here too.
Fare : RM 1.50 LRT ticket (Remaining: RM23.20)


6:30pm : Petronas Twin Towers

Its time to head to the creme de la creme of your KL experience. To gaze at these famous Petronas twins is best done in the late evening. The dazzling skyline turns from light to darks shows the best of these towers. Whats even more amazing is the fountain show at 7pm. So be patient.
Fare : RM 1:20 LRT ticket (Remaining: RM22)

7:30pm : Bukit Bintang

After the light show, head to Bukit Bintang by foot using the overhead walkway starting from the entrance of the convention center. In about 12 mins, you arrive at the heart of Bukit Bintang via one of the grand-est shopping mall, Pavillion. Take some time to scope around and explore the lights and sounds of this famous shopping street.
Fare: FREE (Remaining: RM22)

8:00 pm Dinner at Jalan Alor

It has been a long day and it is time to get some good food. The infamous Alor food street have the best chicken wings and the crazy amount of selections of food you can find. Wong Ah Wah’s Barbecued Chicken Wings is the main must try!
Dinner : RM 15 ( Remaining: RM 7)


With the remaining RM 7, it is more than enough to get you back to your doorstep of your hotel/ hostel to end the night.
And that is the end of the $15 dollar challenge. Stay tuned for more tour write ups with BackpackingKL.
Tip : If you are living in Bukit Bintang or Chinatown, you are in luck. You can score major savings with the free Go KL buses to get around.
Verdict: FREE!
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