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Kampung Baru Revealed

Kampung Baru Revealed


Alright, its been while since I last wrote but I’m back baby. Today, we are going to talk about Kampung Baru. Kam-pung whaat? Yeah Kampung Baru, if you heard about this authentic Malay village just on the shoulder of Kuala Lumpur, this is it. Kampung Baru has a rich preservation of its identity. Famous for its rich Malay community which dates back to the early years of the city, this section of Kuala Lumpur remains like how they were in the times of early Malaya. The Chinese got Chinatown on the south of Kuala Lumpur and the Malays occupy Kampung Baru. The place offers a myriad of Malay food, street markets and special off the beaten path sights.

1. Rumah Limas Kampung Baru

One notable landmark to visit is the Limas house. This typical Malay village house built in the colonial reign of the British. The house was rebuilt after the Second World War displaying its Malay- Colonial inspired design.

 2. Master Mat’s House

Talking about Malay culture, this traditional looking house is another landmark of Kampung Baru. This beautiful blue house belonged to the former headmaster of a colonial English school. Almost a hundred years old, it still has its original bones of the house when it was first built.

3. Masjid Jamek (Jamek Mosque)

This is dubbed the center of the Malay village. Not only it is the center point of the village, it is a routine destination for the Malay Muslim community. Built in the 1880s, the mosque is the center of the community’s Islamic education center and a place or worship.

4. Saturday Night Market

 The Saturday night market is the highlight of the week in this community. Night markets are plays a large role in Malaysian culture. If you are into culture, food and the smells of grilled fish and perfumes of authentic Malay food, this is where you should be.

 5. Gurdwara Tatt Khalsa Diwan


Noticeably, Kampung Baru is home to the Malay community of Kuala Lumpur. It would be a huge surprise to find the largest Sikh temple in South East Asia just a stones throw away. This famed Sikh temple serves a great deal to the needy and they are open to visitors with appropriate headware for the ladies. Offering free vegetarian lunches every Sunday, it is a great stop to open your eyes to Sikhism and dig deeper into the Malaysian diversity.

6. Chow Kit Market

The notorious Chow Kit street is known to Malaysians as hooker street. This red light district is comes alive at night when it is filled with prostitution and the nitty gritty of shady nightlife activities. On the other hand, the market is a worthy visit if you are a food buff. Featuring a wide degree of ingredients to make the most delicious food in the word, ( yes there is biases-ness here… ) it will be an interesting trip to make to immerse yourself in our food culture.
PS: Prepare for intense smells, color and atmosphere.

7. Food food food

Restoran Gerak Dua Puluh Satu – Grilled Fish
Nasi Lemak Kampung Baru Mak Wanjor
Lastly, the food. Yes, you might be thinking about why food is so apparent to everything we do but deep down we are all neanderthals obsessed with the next meal. Kampung Baru is the go to place for typical Malay food. Along the Raja Musa Street, you can find Restoran Gerak Dua Puluh Satu which sells great grill fish, Nasi Lemak Kampung Baru Mak Wanjor for the best nasi lemak and many more.

Getting there

Geting to Kampung Baru is relatively easy. The easiest way to get there is through LRT, stoppping at Kampung Baru station. On another note, you can grab the monorail as well and make your stop at Chow Kit station and making your way to the Chow Kit Market to start your journey into Kampung Baru.

You can take a free tour around Kampung Baru provided by the Visit KL foundation. The tour starts on the entrance of Sultan Suleiman Clubhouse on every tuesday, thursday and saturday at 4:15pm. The tour will end at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman which is a short walk towards Chow Kit Monorail station.
For more info : Click on the button below to get the pamphlet. 

Kampung Baru Brochure

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