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KL Most Haunted Places

KL Most Haunted Places

Lost in the popular culture of horror and thriller films, we all get a little spine chilled when it comes to paranormal activity. Contrary to the friendly ghosts and cartoonish celestial beings, we all ponder upon the idea of the existence of the mystical world of spirits and the supernatural. In the urban jungle of Kuala Lumpur, there are a few spots in the city where it is strictly off limits to the public due to these spooky occurrences. Call it a myth or a rumor, these are the spots where most tend to avoid at all costs.

1. Highland towers

Famous for being the highly anticipated apartment towers of the early 90’s, the end to this story has tragic downside where it collapsed on its residents, killing 48 people and injuring many others. The collapse of the tower is due to the soil erosion over time which causes a massive landslide, taking out its concrete support system. The horror of the incident had caused the site to be abandoned and sealed off. Most of the casualties trapped under the rubble died before their time and there are countless incidents from spectators near the site reporting about screams of help years after the accident.

2. Mona Fandey Aeroplane house

This highly publicized murder of one of the members of parliament, Mazlan Idris has caused massive buzz in the 90’s. A famous Malaysian pop singer, Mona Fandy, who practices black magic has lured Idris to believe in the immense political power with black magic. With black magic rituals being performed in Mona’s house, Idris has been hacked into 18 pieces in the gruesome murder. Her house is now abandoned after her death sentence and it is said that her lock up cell and her properties are laced with heavy black magic which makes it extremely dark.

3. Bukit Tunku

Home to multi million mansion overlooking the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, this is the last place where you would expect to see some paranormal sightings here. The matured residential area was home to many of the officials and business men of early Malaysia. However, abandoned houses on this residential hill are of a reason. residents of this hill had come across few Malay supernatural beings like the pontianak, jin and many others. Perhaps, this piece of land is best to be left alone for a reason.

4. Templer’s Park

Temple’s Park is the oldest forest reserve in Selangor. It is a popular destination for golf as well as camping sites due to its beautiful waterfall, lushious greens and the refreshing contrast of the life. The history however, is something not as pleasing as what it is when the sun is out. It is said that prisoners of war from the invasion of the Japanese on Malaya has been executed and dumped on these grounds. Night golfing on Templer’s park golf course has been abruptly closed due to multiple spooky incidents faced by patrons.

5. Pudu Jail

This iconic landmark of Kuala Lumpur early development bring chills to most of the older adults here. Pudu Jail is a place where gangsters, murders, thieves and rapists end up in the late 1890’s during the rule of the British. With a long list of jail suicides, murders, hangings, diseases and electric chair executions, this jail is riddled with spirits and haunting stories. Home to the longest mural in the world painted by an inmate of the jail, the exterior of Pudu Jail is more than just a bad place for bad people. However, with multiple debates and booming projects in the city, the jail has been demolished to make way for the Bukit Bintang City Centre project.

6. Mimaland Abandoned Theme Park

If you had played games about an abandoned theme park with gory carousels and swampy pools, Kuala Lumpur has got you covered. Mimaland used to be the go to theme park in the 1980’s. The abandoned theme park used to features some amazing attractions. However, after multiple incidents of landslides and mysterious drownings, the theme park closed it doors and never reopened again. Other sightings at night by passer bys claims to see mysterious sightings. The reason of these accidents are just a small number of cases reported which caused this place to be sealed off.

7. Lady Templer Hospital

With black magic, tragic accident and haunted theme parks, this list is not complete without a creepy hospital. The Lady Templer Hospital in Cheras is famed for its loitering patients around the hospital compound. The deceased patients has been kept in the realms of the hospital grounds and it has been multiple sightings of paranormality such as headless shadows, babies crying and mysterious white robbed shadows appearing. These doomed spirits has caused accidents, and many other disturbances and it has since been closed and left deserted. 
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