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Confessions of dating while backpacking.

Confessions of dating while backpacking.


The start

Putting your life on pause and getting a one way ticket to the other side of the world is breathtaking. Especially when you need to get away from your shitty job, your cheating ex or your stagnant life. While traveling, you tend to meet new people and somehow got yourself in a messy hook-up relationship thing which you might regret.
Not many people know that traveling alone can sometimes be lonely. In the beginning of any backpacking trip, the start of going to somewhere you never been will distract you from being lonely. The freedom of going from Point A to Point B at your own pace is somehow exhilarating. You throw caution to the wind and live your adventures with Nike’s slogan close to your new lifestyle. You feel great. You feel empowered with life and adventures.

The middle

Just as when you’re the best version of yourself, people tend to flock towards you. Your new and refreshed life has made you shine brighter than who you were before back home. People tend to draw themselves towards positivism. When you are gleaming with positivity , you feel more attractive, you walk through the streets with your head tilted higher and there is where you meet people who are attracted to this energy.
There it comes meeting someone foreign, amazing, dreamy in the perfect setting where most of your time living in this Instagram inspired travel couple moment. Things went well, travelling together, going on adventures together and spending all of your time with this person. It seemed perfect, it seems breathtaking. This is the time where you question yourself if this is just a regular hook up or a genuine relationship.

The end

The scariest part of this dynamic is you would know when will all of this end. Meeting someone on the road is not the same meeting someone in your steady life. Sooner or later, you would have to go back to home, get a new job or settle down in your familiar roots. You start feeling depressed. You second guess the relationship and the wisest thing to do is to call it off when you are parting ways with this person. Load behold, you hold on to the thought of adventures and fantasies on this trip.
This is where most backpacking relationships gets tricky. The logistics, the freedom of solo travel and self discovery hinders you from your initial plans. You sit and think about what to do next. Should you keep this fantasy going or should you call it off at it’s amazement to protect yourself from the getting to deep?
Dating while backpacking is a very tricky illusion. Some relationships work out in this magical setting and most often they dont. Falling for someone in an ideal setting where you dont have to care about everything else which grounds you from reality, without expectations, without goals or commitment. It will get serious when shit hits the fan as you parted ways and led separate lives when the trip is over.
Sometimes I wonder, was it all worth this whirlwind type of expiry date romance. As a matter in fact. it was worth it. Why not see it as an interesting story in your chapter of life.
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